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Larry's Pretty Good LiveJournal

Oh no, the plate is sneaking away without any food on it!

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some guy named Larry
A desert-dwelling writer and editor. For my own joy, I scribble about adolescence, magic, and sex — which are often the same thing, if it comes to that. Sometimes these are narrative poems I peddle as short stories; this makes me part of the Well-Versed Skiffy movement ("good storytelling, good meter, good speculative fiction"). Such obsessions mean I value romantic comedy as the highest form of literature. Hobbies include turning otherwise innocent squares of paper into origami and teaching myself Japanese. One consequence of practicing the latter by translating poetry is my first poetry collection, One Hundred People, One Poem Each.

This is primarily an account for reading other journals, kept active by posting every once in a while bits of fluff caught in my filters and the occasional reading report. I post my pretty good word of the day in prettygoodword, keep a supposedly pretty good poetry journal at [personal profile] lnhammer, moderate the moribund wordsofonebeat community, and lightly maintain my pretty good home page. My pretty good friending policy (since everyone seems to have one) is that my friends list is purely a reading list (never used as an access filter) that expands and contracts based on my time. Feel free to friend and unfriend me at will, without asking. There's a good chance I won't notice, anyway.

I'm told I come across as taller in person than I do online.

Admin note: "TBD" is the online handle of the resident preschooler. I would appreciate it if those who know their real-life name and gender not use them publicly in this journal.

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