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“Of sky and water, and the drift of foam, / And thrill of brine-washed breezes from the west”

Wednesday reading:

Read aloud:

Hilda and the Mountain King, story and art Luke Pearson -- Library hold finally came through and we immediately zoomed through the second half of the story started in Hilda and the Stone Forest. Satisfying and well done. As soon as we finished, Eaglet started drawing fan art. (And complaining about still no season two of the Netflix adaptation.)

Monkey King, adaptation Wei Dongchen, art Chao Peng, volumes 15-17 -- We're getting closer to the West, yays. Content warning for v17: rear female nudity when the spider-monster fairies take an outdoor bath and are attacked by a pervy Pigsy. v16 also had mature moments that Eaglet didn't have context to understand. The adventure continues.

Dragon Masters books 13-14, Tracey West -- And that catches us up with the series until the next book is published in March. Not brilliant high fantasy, but there's not much wrong with it and there are FAR worse introductions to the genre and its tropes.

I Am Hermes!, story and art Modicai Gerstein -- Excellent at bringing out the trickster aspects of Hermes. The characterization of Maia, his mother, sends Eaglet into giggle-fits.

In progress:

Emperor's Domination (帝霸), Yanbi Xiaosheng (厌笔萧生, "loathe writing miserable life," which has a nice four-word cadence) -- A lot of mixed feelings about this xuanhuan adventure about a former immortal being who has finally, after plotting this for over a million years, incarnated as a human again. On the one hand, the good-naturedly arrogant trickster protagonist is quite appealing, at least until he powers up and stops having to trick his opponents in fights and just curb-stomps. It helps that the author is wonderfully inventive, with a gift for comic worldbuilding. On the other hand, while there are a greater variety of rounded female characters than typical for the genre, the protagonist's attitude towards them is … problematic. Even for a boss as generous as him, I'd expect more to leave him over the constant suggestive comments. Am up to chapter 453, and will continue on for now, but without the enthusiasm of the first 200.


Subject quote from Sea Witchery, Richard Burton.

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