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For Poetry Monday, how about a self-conscious sonnet:

Shakespearean Sonnet, R.S. Gwynn

A man is haunted by his father's ghost.
A boy and girl love while their families fight.
A Scottish king is murdered by his host.
Two couples get lost on a summer night.
A hunchback murders all who block his way.
A ruler's rivals plot against his life.
A fat man and a prince make rebels pay.
A noble Moor has doubts about his wife.
An English king decides to conquer France.
A duke learns that his best friend is a she.
A forest sets the scene for this romance.
An old man and his daughters disagree.
A Roman leader makes a big mistake.
A sexy queen is bitten by a snake.

Gwynn is a contemporary New Formalist, if you didn't know.


Subject quote from The Life of King Henry the Fifth, Prologue, William Shakespeare.

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