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I'm nowhere near reading all the Yuletide 2017 fics I saved for later, but with the next season upon us, it's time to clear decks and keelhaul the mains'l (to quote Albert Alligator). Here's recs from those I did get to.

Two delectable Peter Wimsey casefics from Harriet Vane's POV:

Dramatis personae by butterflymind — “Just for once Harriet would like to attend an event with Peter at which death does not make an unexpected entrance.” The event in question being the opening night of a stage adaptation of one of her novels.

False Pretences by drayton — “Shortly after her honeymoon, Harriet makes an unexpected discovery while working on a joint mystery novel with her colleagues.” The discovery being, naturally, a dead body—in this case, in her car.

(Tangentially related, one lingering Yuletide 2016 rec: the thin man’s bride by betony, in the Thin Man movieverse, in which Nora Charles gets a solo casefic. As snappy and bantery and alcoholic as the original.)

Four Le Guin recs:

The Tale of the White Lady of Iffish by raspberryhunter — for Earthsea, canon divergence: after The Tombs of Atuan, Tenar goes not to Gont but to Iffish to study under Vetch, where she befriends his sister Yarrow.

Runaway by Transposable_Element — for Earthsea, what happens to Penthe after the earthquake at the end of Tombs.

Mirage and Memory by yhlee — for The Left Hand of Darkness, the story of the pre-canon relationship of Therem and Ashe.

Bloodbond by spiderfire — for The Left Hand of Darkness, multi-generational backstory for Winter societies, showing the folk-process in action.

Three space recs:

go out the door by karanguni — Tang Dynasty RPF ... in SPACE! An AU focused on the poet Li He, who can without stretching either culture very far be likened to the Rimbaud of his era.

Fulcrum by Missy — 12 Dancing Princesses ... in SPACE!, a ficlet. “They dance to keep the engine alive.”

Yearning’s End by Miss_M — Cassini/Saturn ... in SESTINA! (Best poetry fic of the season.)

Some historical misc:

Psychopompeii by Eastling — a fic about Ancient Pompeii Graffiti, in the form of a wonderful posthumous fantasy. *pets Cerberus*

The Wolf Trial by keerawa — 9th century CE RPF by way of the song “The Wolf” by Phildel, in which Æthelwulf of Wessex faces the Pack.

The Painting and the Wheel by Umbralpilot — A post-canon Kim adventure, in Kipling's manner of frames within frames.

Jeeves and the Stellar Expedition by Gracierocket — All stories about Bertie Wooster should be in a contemporary—i.e., pre-Golden Age—SF setting. This one is just about pitch perfect.


Subject quote from “Call It Dreaming,” Iron & Wine.

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