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“... We must make it our own. We are in this very like him, who having need of fire, went to a neighbour’s house to fetch it, and finding a very good one there, sat down to warm himself without remembering to carry any with him home.”

So here's some more fires:

Quantum entanglement is possible not only for spatially separated particles, which is weird enough, but also temporally separated particles. That … ow. I can grasp how weird spatial entanglement is, even if I can't explain it, but this, I need think it through a few dozen more times before I'll be able to conceive it. (via?)

Roundup of the current status of the lead-crime hypothesis. Tl;dr: Unless you have a pet sociological theory you are unwilling to give up, it's pretty well proven across multiple studies using multiple methodologies, which are rarely contradicted. (via?)

“We are good at reading the unreadable”, the motto of a transcription service for old handwriting. (via)


Subject quote from "Of Pedantry," Michel de Montaigne.

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