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"The water I cupped / in my hands, drenching my sleeves, / has long been frozen"

An index post to drafts of my ongoing translation of the Kokinshu anthology, updated as I post more. Due to LiveJournal constraints, larger books get split into two posts labeled a and b.

Book Ia: Spring 1 (1-48)
Book Ib: Spring 1 (49-68)
Book IIa: Spring 2 (69-100)
Book IIb: Spring 2 (101-134)
Book III: Summer (135-168)
Book IVa: Autumn 1 (169-200)
Book IVb: Autumn 1 (201-248)
Book Va: Autumn 2 (249-280)
Book Vb: Autumn 2 (281-313)
Book VI: Winter (313-342)
Book VII: Congratulations (343-364)
Book VIII: Partings (365-405)
Book IX: Travel (406-421)
Book X: Names of Things (422-468)
[Book XI: Love 1 TBD]

Note that these are drafts: I'm making continuing revisions to both translations and notes, especially the older installments, without updating these posts -- basically because it's too much work. I hope to find a solution for this at some point, but it may not be in this format.

Related posts: Ono no Komachi's complete poetry in the Kokinshu and Gosenshu, some random poems by Ki no Tsurayuki, an arc of Tanabata poems extracted from book IVa (plus a couple more from book IX), a baker's dozen from the Shinkokinshu, a series of posts discussing three translations in detail, and parts one and two of my early drafts of One Hundred People, One Poem Each.

Tags: japanese, poetry, translations, writing

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