September 1st, 2021

canyon, mesquite, saguaro, desert

“the foam-flowers endure when the rose-blossoms wither, / And men that love lightly may die—but we?”

This summer has been long, thanks to pandemic, and glorious, thanks to a much wetter than average monsoon season — as in, July was the wettest month ever on record, [edited with correction] enough combined with the rain since to make this the second wettest monsoon recorded. Guys, this desert is LUSH. The mountains, in the early morning light of the drive to school, look like moss-covered rocks. Every spare patch of ground (including our yard) has weeds and grasses and more mesquite seedlings than I can shake a weed-whacker at.

Eaglet describes school as a butterflytopia — flitters and moths sometimes cover the pavement outside their classroom, which faces the community garden. (No indoor hallways — all rooms open to covered passageways. Yes, this has made COVID mitigations a lot easier. And no, we hardly ever get snow.)

Pity it’s been too hot and sticky to get out and appreciate it much, or as much as it deserves. :-(


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