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March 13th, 2019

(This post will seriously annoy archivists and other document management specialists, and for that I apologize.)

Back when I posted this announcement, I thought I would simply port that round of changes into the print edition. However, comma, getting Ice Melts in the Wind out the door reminded me that I had retranslated of some of the poems that are in the Kokinshu, and I really ought to update those. While working on that, I realized that there’s other translations that no longer matched my practice evolved for the Kokinshu poems and notes. Not to mention having a somewhat better grasp of Japanese.

In other words, this is a completely revised One Hundred People, One Poem Each, with 20-odd translations revised and updates to commentaries throughout. Because this does not match the ebook that’s labeled “Second Edition” and calling this a third edition would be confusing when there’s no print 2e., it’s officially a “Revised Edition.”
Around 1235, Japanese poet and scholar Fujiwara no Teika compiled for his son’s father-in-law a collection of one hundred poems by one hundred poets. Within its summary of six centuries of Japanese literature, Teika arranged a poetic conversation that ebbs and flows through various subjects. The collection became the exemplar of the genre—a mini-manual of classical poetry, taught in the standard school curriculum and used in a memory card game still played during New Years.

One Hundred People, One Poem Each contains the best that classical Japanese poetry has to offer—now in a revised verse translation.

Cover of the revised edition of 100 People, 1 Poem Each
Wider distribution, lower price, and better poems—what’s not to want?

Available in both paper and electronic editions from all the usual fine retailers: print | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Smashwords | et cetera | as well as orderable through your local bookstore (ISBN 978-1790497690).

If you do read it, please consider reviewing or at least rating. Every tick-mark counts. Review copies can be arranged.


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